What is Bad Managers?

It is well established that stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace negatively and significantly impact employees’ health, well-being and performance.  Studies and stories are abundant, here is one recent example:

Working ourselves sick : The consequences of non-stop job stress include depression, weight gain and heart disease
– MacLean’s May 17, 2010

Unfortunately, managers in these workplaces contribute largely to this stress and dissatisfaction.  This is not only troublesome for employees, but it is difficult for the managers themselves, who are often lacking knowledge, skills, preparation and training for their important role.

And the really depressing fact is that workplace managers do not necessarily improve with time or experience alone and those who work with them for long enough can even pick up their bad habits!

But the good news is this: nobody is born a ‘great manager’; workplace management is not an innate talent, it is a skill set that can be learned by anyone who wants to improve.

Our purpose for this series is simple: provide tools and resources for managers so they can create healthy high performing teams.  We want to contribute to lessened stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace, for employees and managers alike.

Bad Managers’ Tool and Resources can be found in 10 Toolkits, which can be purchased individually and downloaded :

  1. Now I have to do what?’  Survival Skills for the New Manager
  2. First, Decide Where to Go: Setting Goals, Direction and Clear Expectations
  3. Now, Get People on Board: Communication and Influence as a Leader
  4. Facts and Myths: Understanding Employee Engagement
  5. Unravelling the Mystery: Understanding Employee Performance
  6. Put Your Coach Hat On: Improving Employee Performance
  7. Build Your Team: Hiring and Orientation
  8. Build Your Team 2: Training, Development and Team Relations
  9. High Impact Meetings: Yes Your Team Will WANT to Attend
  10. I’ll Never Fit This In!’  Productivity and Time Management for Leaders